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Our hummus flavors

Lebanese Classic Hummus

Lebanese Classic Hummus

A lebanese classic is well, always a CLASSIC

Italian Garlic and Herbs Hummus

Italian Garlic and Herbs Hummus

Garlic hummus infused with Italian herbs

Mexican Chipotle

Mexican Chipotle Hummus

This mexican chipotle will always make you want more

French Cheese and Onion

French Cheese and Onion Hummus

Cheesy hummus with a hint on onion

American Smoked BBQ

American Smoked BBQ Hummus

Smoked BBQ hummus is your best companion with snacks


We are always open to work with foodies who are passionate about food. Currently we have openings for the following:

  • Food Technologist: We are looking for Food Technologist for our fledgling startup. Open to work with interns as well.
  • Consultant Chef: Someone who helps us with new products. Homemakers, amateurs, professionals all are welcome to apply.

Our Amazing Team

We are a team of committed individuals who want to give you the best hummus in town. We are based out of Gurgaon.

TAFC The Amateur Food Company Logo

IM Hummus

Our awe-inspiring mascot defines who we are.

Contact Us

For your bouquets and brickbats. Or call us on +91 9650441666 or email on hola@tafconline.com